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19 Feb 2021 2 min

Ansa: "Hetica Klassik Fund, the new fund to invest in classic cars"

Finance meets classic cars in a new fund launched by the Swiss group Hetica. The fund will invest in cars with a value ranging from € 30,000 to € 6 million with the support of a technical committee made up of names linked to the history of cars such as Cesare Fiorio, former Ferrari sporting director and winner of 18 world titles with Lancia and Fiat, and Mariella Mengozzi, director of the Museo dell'Auto in Turin.

The Hetica Klassik Fund has a duration of 5 years and can be subscribed by qualified and professional investors.
The company also announces that it will soon be possible to purchase certificates listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange with a nominal value of EUR 10,000. The objective indicated by the chairman of Hetica Capital, Carlo Calarco, is to raise € 200 million.

The fund's "reserve" is kept in Lugano in a hi-tech garage where the cars are kept in full working order, waiting to be offered for sale at the right time, also through international auctions. To enhance their value, the cars will be able to participate in events and contests of elegance.
"We would also like to organize something for schools. To create a cultural history," says Calarco, who explains how, at the same time, the approach chosen is to "focus on the rational dimension of the investment" and on cars as a "store of value", on a par with metals or works of art.
According to the data reported by the company, "investment in this sector has produced constant growth of 16% per year over the last five years, with peaks of 33% for particularly rare and sought-after models".


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